Leisa Mukai

    There are many types of violence humans perpetrate upon one another. This month happens to be Human Trafficking Awareness month, but there is also sexual assault, domestic violence crimes, child abuse, and elder abuse. No matter what the violence, we all have the power to speak up.

  Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.  The power and control tactics used to enslave a person  are similar to those utilized by perpetrators of domestic violence. Traffickers make false promises of love or companionship, promise a good job and home, use violence or threaten  violence to control others, deprive the victim of basic necessities such […]

Perfect Pictures

        We all have perfect pictures of the holiday season: snow, mistletoe, presents under the tree with family and friends gathered Christmas Eve basking in love and affection for each other.   The reality of  the season seldom matches our perfect pictures even in the happiest of homes.  That beautiful snow, means inclement weather. […]