Peace House relies heavily on community support, especially volunteerism, to keep our doors open. Volunteers at Peace House provide an additional source of support, connection, and services for our clients. They also allow our full-time staff to avoid fatigue and continue to provide high levels of care. Peace House is committed to providing a fulfilling, unique, social, and diverse volunteering experience. We have volunteer opportunities for groups, families, or individuals.  Please contact Sally Tauber for more information, Sally@peacehouse.org or 435-901-1105 or Click Here to access our volunteer Application.   Please fill out the application and email it back to Sally@peacehouse.org to be placed more quickly!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • We need a committed office volunteer that can come the same day each week and help with data entry, filing, answering telephones & more!
  • Office support, shredding and general office duties.  Great opportunity for students
  • Work directly with clients as mentors
  • Provide childcare while parents are away for therapy, job interviews, or errands
  • Provide pro-bono services such as legal services, therapy, etc.
  • Assist with shelter needs such as grocery shopping, cleaning, errand running, organizing our donation room, etc.
  • Organize donation drives or fundraisers
  • Assist with events
  • To Volunteer for the Bling Fling Event please contact Nancy Tosti at tosti.nancy@gmail.com

Some of these opportunities directly involve clients and require background checks and additional training.

Volunteering at Peace House

When volunteering at Peace House you will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with & serve a vulnerable population
  • Improve your community
  • Make your resumes & job applications stand out
  • Meet wonderful people and participate in fun volunteer events
  • Gain new skills & training in the social service field

Internship Opportunities

Interning at Peace House allows students to add direct client services to their resume. They also have the opportunity to be assigned administrative or client services programs that they can develop and oversee. Scheduling is flexible, and we are happy to provide letters of recommendation for your future endeavors. We encourage school officials or students to contact us to discuss specific program requirements and ensure a positive fit.

Getting Started

Click Here to access a volunteer application.  Please fill this out and email to sally@peacehouse.org

For opportunities that directly involve clients, you must be 18 or older.  You must also be able to handle difficult situations, be able to volunteer at least 2 hours/month, pass a criminal background check with no violent crimes or felonies, and be able to attend a mandatory 16-hour training.

For opportunities directly involving clients, you must complete 24 hours of domestic violence training prior to beginning.  Training is held every 3 months. New volunteers must attend the full training.

For opportunities not directly involving clients, volunteers will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For more information contact us at sally@peacehouse.org or 435-901-1105.