Bill Benz

Bill is the founder of Accelerum Advisors, which offers strategic and financial services to companies that face challenges as they grow. Before that, he served as Chief Financial Officer of EnergySolutions, a company that provides a full range of integrated services and solutions, including nuclear operations, decommissioning, decontamination, transportation, and research and engineering services across the entire nuclear fuel cycle. As Chief Financial Officer of health insurer MetLife Healthcare, he was responsible for preparing the company to go public, but after the company made a change in its strategic direction, his responsibility shifted to due diligence and valuation work that led to the merger of the company with Travelers Managed Care, creating one of the nation’s largest healthcare companies.

During his tenure as Chief Financial Officer of FHP International, Bill took the company public with its IPO, led its financial growth, raised additional capital through follow-on common stock offerings, and developed a comprehensive financial modeling and forecasting system to help manage the company’s operations. As Chief Financial Officer of Western Digital, he re-listed the company’s stock on the American Stock Exchange by taking it public again after its bankruptcy reorganization.

Bill holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from UCLA and an MBA from California State University Long Beach.