Laura Arnold

Laura joined the Peace House Board of Directors in 2022. Her involvement with Peace House began in 2019, when she and her husband Jim assisted with the move from Marsac Avenue to the community campus on Round Valley Road. Since then, she has continued to organize the building weekly. Laura also served on the committee for the Walk on Main event in October 2021, joined the Development and Fundraising Committee in April 2021, and sits on the 2022 Spring Luncheon Committee.

A professional organizer for more than 30 years, Laura has clients all over the United States. She has applied her significant organizational skills to many spaces in the Peace House community campus. She has also helped with grassroots efforts, the largest being the development of a park system in Carmel, Indiana, which in 2021 was voted the number-one park system in the United States. She has served on many boards of directors, including park boards, school PTO boards, and neighborhood boards in New York, Indiana, Texas, and Georgia. Locally, Laura also sits on the Promontory Foundation Board of Directors and served a term as President of the Jeremy Ranch HOA from 2014 to 2020.

Laura and Jim moved to Park City in 2007. She has lived in 13 states, and Utah is her favorite. Two of her three children live in Park City with all seven of her grandchildren.