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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2019, on Sunday, August 25 happens just a few weeks after Peace House’s projected move into our new shelter, a project 7 years in the making.  To commemorate this historic event, the Walk A Mile committee looked for a special speaker, for our opening ceremony. We were lucky to meet Casey Baird.

Casey Baird Blog

The first thing Casey will tell you about himself is he “loves rockin’ Utah.”  Since he was a young kid he has had a passion for broadcasting and radio.  While he has worked at numerous stations around the Wasatch front, KBER 101.1 is home.

The most important thing to Casey, however, is his work with domestic violence.  In October 2014 his daughter Tawnee left a party with her girlfriend Victoria. While they were driving from Bountiful to Ogden, a fight ensued and Victoria stabbed Tawnee 46 times. Victoria pulled off the road, put Tawnee in the passenger seat, and drove them to a family church in Ogden where Tawnee bled out.

“My daughter was actually driving the car that night on I-15 NB between Layton and Ogden is where the fight started and Victoria stabbed Tawnee 46 times, there were 22 stab wounds in Tawnee's right arm trying to protect herself... Somehow the car got pulled over with my daughter in the driver seat, Victoria then moved the body into the passenger seat and must have drove the car to that family church in Ogden?  Detectives are not even clear on what really exactly happened,” Casey explained.

The couple had been together for 5 years. A month prior to the murder, Casey felt that something was off.  Tawnee’s tooth was knocked out.  She told him it happened at a party but it didn’t ring true.  Tawnee’s mother and grandmother knew the truth and knew a little bit about the fighting but that information wasn’t shared with Casey.

Casey Baird on KBER

Casey is committed to his work with Break the Silence, a domestic violence organization that “provides community resources and services to victims, families and survivors affected by domestic violence. “

BTSADV the National Voice of Domestic Violence

At Walk A Mile In Her Shoes 2019,  Casey will join us in breaking the silence about domestic violence and walk  a Park City mile with Peace House to bring awareness that 1:4 women will be  will be abused by someone who loves them.