Family Resources While Socially Isolating-Keeping the Kids Engaged


Resource Suggestions from our Community

 These are unprecedented times.  COVID 19, for those who are healthy, has mandated a community wide, unexpected Staycation.  Our community partners have been sharing some wonderful resources to assist with the challenges of housebound families and cultural inclusivity tips for organizations providing resources for the underserved.

 Entertainment Suggestions from Wasatch Mental Health

 At Wasatch Mental Health, we understand these are trying times, and parents might be strapped for ideas on how to entertain their children during these home-school days. We are currently compiling a list of online activities and resources for families to turn to in order to stamp out the boredom, and give people access to places that they cannot physically go to at the moment.

Zoos and Aquariums

Cincinnati Zoo does a Facebook Live broadcast every day at 1 pm MST.

Tracy Aviary has virtual resources and posts Facebook videos every day at 3pm. 

The Aquarium of the Pacific has webcam access to exhibits, and other virtual interaction opportunities:

Monterey Bay Aquarium has an 11 minute guided meditation session with jellyfish.


The Smithsonian offers virtual tours to the Museum of Natural History:

Google Arts and Culture has over 2500 museums featuring content that can be viewed.

Educational Resources

Scholastic Learn at Home:

Children’s education:

Audible Stories has hundreds of audiobooks for ages 0-18 completely free.

The International Space Station (ISS) has recorded books read by people in space

Ranger Rick has games and outdoor activities available for free:

Cosmic Kids Yoga, introductions to yoga for children:

NASA has fun activities:

NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex shares daily Facebook Live videos that pair with hands-on activities (instructions are available as free downloads).


The Kennedy Center features art video tutorials from Mo Willems every day:

P’Zazz Art Studio posts Facebook art tutorials daily: Click Here  

Stress and Anxiety Management Suggestions and Ways to Connect from Younique Foundation

 For those of you who aren’t familiar with our foundation, we help adult female survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) find hope and healing through free online resource, survivor-led support groups, and our Haven Retreat.

It is a stressful time for all of us, and though our resources are developed for survivors of CSA, many of them are helpful to a larger audience experiencing extra stress and triggers. Follow this link for grounding technique and other good ways to manage anxiety.

We also have an awareness and prevention arm, Defend Innocence, which seeks to empower parents are caregivers to reduce the risk of CSA in our homes and communities.

With many of us working at home, we are looking for ways to connect with and entertain our kids in positive ways. Use these table topics questions that you can use during meals or breaks in the day to check in with your kids and see how they are doing.

Thank You to a Local Girl Scout Troup for These Additional Educational Resources:

Take a virtual trip through the US and each state, and lists a historical landmark, museum or zoo:

See tons of famous historic buildings, architecture and landmarks:

Suggestions for Cultural Inclusivity in these unprecedented times from the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs

 In response to the impact that the COVID-19 outbreak has had on underserved and vulnerable populations, the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs has created a resource page that centralizes information to inform, prepare, and empower communities across many sectors.

We encourage you to use and share this resource widely to help communities that are facing social, economic, and health-related hardship considering recent unprecedented events.

Please regularly visit the web page for new information.

Thank you to the community partners and providers that are working around the clock to mitigate this outbreak and address needs. Our hope is that this resource page will build bridges between our communities and provide information needed to navigate these trying times in a way that resonates and is culturally-inclusive.

All of us at Peace House, wish for you health and wellbeing during this trying time. If you do need assistance, our confidential HELPLINE is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The number is: 800-647-9161.