Peace House Joins Park City in Social Equity Round Table and Tour

Peace House was recently invited to join a team of local officials and community leaders of Park City, to visit Moab and tour the Multicultural Center.

The purpose was to have a round table discussion on social equity, to identify community needs related to equity for vulnerable populations, and how that can relate to Park City’s own communities in need.  Pepe Grimaldo, Bilingual Diversity Coordinator attended the round table discussion and commented,” It was a great opportunity to understand how Park City may apply some of the same ideas and programs to support inclusion, equity and celebrate our community’s diversity.”

The topics discussed include the following:

  • How the City of Moab works with the Multicultural Center
  • How the City of Moab works with diverse populations including, but not limited to, community members who identify with one or more of the following groups: Seniors, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, Latino, seasonal workers, youth, people with lower incomes, etc.
  • How Moab is addressing the needs of the various community members who may face challenges
  • Funding sources for community-focused programming