Know Abuse

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse comes in many forms—physical abuse, child abuse, emotional abuse, etc. Knowing the types of abuse and the signs of potentially lethal abuse is vital to your life and the lives of your children and relatives. Learn more about the different forms of abuse below.

Sexual Assault and Trauma

At Peace House we view sexual assault as a broad term for unwanted sexual contact including rape, date rape, acquaintance rape, sexual abuse, incest, marital rape, childhood sexual abuse, molestation, or any other unwanted sexual contact. We offer extensive counseling for survivors in order to help them live normal and enriching lives.

Survivors of sexual assault are faced not only with the emotional and physical effects of a violent crime, but also with many mis-perceptions that society and even close friends or family members may have about sexual assault. Victims often feel a sense of shame about the abuse leading to underreporting and a lack of seeking help. Learn more about different forms of sexual assault below.