As a community-supported 501c3 nonprofit organization, Peace House relies on the goodwill and active involvement of community members for its continued success. We recognize the importance of the public trust and hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

Our board of directors consists of accomplished and dedicated community members. The board oversees our executive director, who administers the programs within an established yearly budget.

Peace House also receives feedback and advice from members of the advisory council, composed of distinguished professionals and leaders in the business and nonprofit communities.

Our board and executive director operate in accordance with the Utah Nonprofits Association Standards of Ethics Affirmation Statement and the Donor Bill of Rights. This ensures that Peace House employs standards and policies that are ethical and guarantees every donor a bill of rights.

Financial Responsibility

All Peace House programs are provided free of charge to those who need them. The work is financed by a combination of grants and contracts, donations, and fundraising events in the community.

Peace House's financial statements are audited annually by an independent outside firm. Peace House is a 501c3 organization and files an annual 990 tax return with the IRS. Peace House also files many reports required by both regulatory agencies and grant funding sources, and undergoes periodic operational audits as a licensed domestic violence shelter.