Victim Advocacy

To be a victim is not a weakness; it's a difficult process and requires support and help. In fact, in Utah, 1 in 3 women will be the victim of domestic violence or abuse.

As the victim of a crime, Peace House is here to support you in any and every way possible. You are sure to be confused, frightened, and exhausted. Furthermore, you may not know all of the resources which are available to support you in this difficult time.

The wellbeing of our clients and survivors is top priority. Our team of experts is here to support, guide, and educate you on your journey to building a new, safe life. As well, we are here to ensure your children are supported, cared for, and consoled as they adjust. We offer counseling and emotional support for interpersonal violence victims in Summit and Wasatch counties.

Our mission is simple—provide victims of domestic violence the most comprehensive and compassionate services possible.

Our Victim Advocates

Our victim advocates are professionals trained to support individuals who have suffered domestic violence or domestic abuse—both of which are crimes. Our advocates assist with everything from emergency care to finding and securing legal support to basic daily needs.

Emergency Support

Victims of domestic violence and domestic abuse often come to us in need of physical treatment or emergency support, both for themselves and their children. Our advocates are here to get you and your family the care you need.

Whether you need a doctor or a first aid kit, we will help to assess your condition and ensure the care you need is administered immediately.

Emotional Support

Peace House Victim Advocates understand the trying and difficult decisions you may have gone through or had to make. This can be emotionally draining as can the abuse and violence experienced in the home. We connect you to the appropriate professionals to ensure you get the care you deserve. As well, we are here to comfort and care for children and find them counseling services if necessary.

Legal Support

Understanding your rights, how to find resources, and where to secure legal representation can be another confusing and difficult task, especially as you recover from a trying experience. Our advocates are here to guide you through this process.

During this process our advocates will:

  • Assist with reporting the crime to proper authorities
  • Be present during questioning with authorities
  • Aid you in filling out the proper paperwork, including, but not limited to: protective orders and civil stalking injunctions
  • Assist you in finding legal representation
  • Accompany you to court proceedings when necessary

No matter the support you need, our advocates are here 24/7. If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please contact us today and begin the process of healing and rebuilding.

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