Pillars of Giving Donors

Thrive $50,000 +

Marriott Daughters Foundation
Pat Moran Family Foundation

Empower $20,000-$49,999

Richard E & Nancy P Marriott Foundation
J Willard & Alice S Marriott Foundation
Rochelle Ondell
Elizabeth Solomon
Vitulli Family Foundation of Park City Community Foundation

Shelter $10,000-$19,999

John C Kish Foundation
Violet Lucas
Carmen and Richard Rogers
Ali and Nick Widdison
Marlaine Wray
Moira Wright

Advocate $2,500-$9,999

Milton J Anderson
Paige and Ben Anderson
Brent and Cheri Andrus
William B Bowie Foundation
Gary and Debbie Crandall
Suzanne and Daniel Crowley
Kathleen and Dave DiCesaris
James and Katy Easton
Susan Glasmann and Richard Dudley
John Davis and Mary Gootjes
James Hulse
Jill S Johnson
Julie and Steve Joyce
Dienna and John Lehner
Herbert Lichtenstein
Susan and Chris Lockwood
Sharon Mardula
Nicole McClaren
Sandra More
Marianne and James Nelson
Maureen Pelton
Brooks and Lena Quinn
Tomoko Schlag
Elana Spitzburg and Avi Markowitz
Richard and Mary Ann Smail
Heidi and Thomas Smart
Richard and Karen Urankar
Shirley and Glenn Wright
Mark and Tiffany Lemons

Educate $1,000-$2,499

Aaron Rashti Family Foundation
Jo Marie and David Bateman
David Belz
Alex Butwinski
Kristal Bowman-Carter
Thomas and Lisa Case
Catherine and Alex Cimos
Corinne and Ed Cody
Carla and Chuck Coonradt
Osmond and Deb Crosby
Robert and Mary Dillon
Kelly and Rad Dye
Jason and Mary Ellis
Francoise Eriksen
Bruce Erickson
Jeff and Leslie Fischer
Mary Flood and Robert B Deans
Carole Fontana
Kim and James Frauenberg
Carol Frazer
Ray Freer
Hans and Sally Fuegi
Barbara and Jim Gaddis
Carol Hodgman
In-Line Roofing and Construction/Tim Savage
Ari Ioannides & Ember Conley
Kathleen Karmel
Klintworth Family Foundation
Susan and Guy Lamere
Wendy Lavitt
Christopher Lehman and Julie Monahan
Celia and Thomas Lewis
Anita and Kyle Lewis
Susan Loffler
Derek Losee
Carolyn MacDonald
Ann and Mac MacQuoid
Kate and Joe Margolis
Russ Moorehead and Robin Marshall
Richard and Anne Mastain
Cindy and Allen Matsumoto
Mayne Foundation
Hallie and Ted McFetridge
Holly Meeks
Barbara McCleary
Kristine Morley
Francie Mortenson
Russ Moorehead and Robin Marshall
Jim and Sue Moses
Tim and Lisa O’Brien
Teri Orr
Michele and Karl Paulsen
Richard and Nancy Potashner
Pamela Beverly Quigley
Diane Rinehart
Maura and Charles Robbins
Suzan Rosenshine
Susan and Glenn Rothman
Shauna Schmunk
Shiebler Family Foundation
Linda and Rick Smaligo
Tammy Smith
Jodie Sobel
Patricia and Rick Sprague
Wendy Steinle
Polly and Buzz Strasser
Maxwell H and Ann Sturgis
Stella Tavilla
Janet and Dick Thompson
Betsy and Scott Thornton
Nancy and Tom Tosti
Nari Trotter
Donna Van Buren and Fred Woods
Kristi and Logan Woolley
David and Judi Victor
William B Bowie Foundation
Mark and Carol Wolfert
Peter and Mary Wright
Dick and Judy Valliere