Prevention & Awareness

Prevention Education Programs

The Schools Program delivers age-appropriate interpersonal violence education and prevention programs and trainings to local schools and grades K-12. We educate children about: Child Abuse Prevention, Internet Safety, Healthy Relationships, Bystander Intervention, and Dating Violence Prevention. Higher education and continuing education courses are also available. Curricula includes: Prevent Child Abuse Utah, Safe Dates, and Upstanding: Stepping Up to Prevent Violence in Utah (from the Utah Department of Health).

For more information on Teen Dating Violence please visit Love is Respect. To take an online course about preventing child abuse, please visit Prevent Child Abuse Utah. To schedule a presentation in the Park City area, please reach out to

Community Awareness

Community awareness programs are used to familiarize our local community to Peace House’s programs and services, as well as our “3 R’s Model” to recognize, respond, and refer domestic and sexual violence victims to Peace House for help.

Domestic and sexual violence are public health issues that affect the community as a whole. We need your help in spotting this violence and assisting each member of our society including educating them that they each have the right to live a life free from violence. Peace House is part of both the Summit County Domestic Violence Coalition and the Wasatch County Domestic Violence Coalition. We work with these organizations to partner with community members and bring awareness to domestic and sexual violence prevention.

Please visit the below links for more information and statistics on domestic and sexual violence.

Domestic Violence
Rape & Sexual Assault

Training Programs

Peace House provides training programs covering the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) for law enforcement, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for school personnel and parents, the Cut It Out Program for salon professionals, the 3 R’s for Faith Leaders, a Safety Training for bars, and Trauma-Informed Care for healthcare providers.

Please see the links below for more information on LAP and the CUT IT OUT program.


Park City High School’s End Violence Now Club

Domestic violence is a public health issues that affects the community as a whole. Local youth at Park City High School is taking action to help educate and end the cycle of violence in our community. You can listen to their PSA with KCPW down below.

Peace House PSA recording at KCPW with Park City High School’s End Violence Now Club