Safe Browsing

Safety Warning

Warning: If you are looking for support or resources for yourself, it's recommended that you do so on a safe device that your abuser does not have access to (i.e. library, friend, family member, neighbor, etc.).

If you are concerned for your immediate safety or your life is in danger, please call 911 right away.


Cuidado: Si está buscando ayuda o recursos para usted, es recomendable que usted lo haga de una forma cuidadosa y en un aparato seguro a la cual su abusador no tenga acceso (Ejemplo: Biblioteca, amistad, de un miembro de la familia, vecino, etc.)

Si usted está preocupado (a) por su seguridad o su vida está en peligro, favor de llamar al 911 inmediatamente.

With the coronavirus, Peace House is adapting and modifying our services to keep staff safe and to continue to support individuals and families in crisis to escape violence and heal from the associated trauma. This includes using technology to provide some services. The best way to access any of Peace House's services is by calling our 24/7 support line at 800-647-9161 Read More
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