Pillars of Giving Donors July 2023 through June 2024

Our Pillars of Giving Contributors help Peace House continue to support and empower survivors. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact sally@peacehouse.org today!

Thrive $50,000+

Glenn McConkey
Grace Fund of Park City Community Foundation
Installed Building Products
Larry H Miller Foundation
Marriott Daughters Foundation
Moran Family Foundation
Carolyn and Charles Rozwat

Empower $20,000-$49,999

American Express
Beano Solomon
Carmen and Rick Rogers
Cheri and Scott Beck
Debra Ackerman
Jim and Sue Moses
J Willard and Alice S Marriott Foundation
Karin and Shawn Fojtik
Kate and Joe Margolis
Katz Amsterdam Foundation
Laurie Mc Grath
Lisa Wilson
McCarthey Family Foundation
Park City Community Foundation
Park City Title
Polly and Buzz Strasser
Promontory Foundation
Richard E & Nancy P Marriott Foundation
Sweet Meadow Fund
The Little Maple Fund
The Smith Family Foundation
Wendy Hornbuckle
Vail Resorts

Shelter $10,000-$19,999

Annette and Frederick Keller
Barbara Gaddis
Christopher and Gail Callaway
Colleen and Richard Boland
David MacGregor Malcolm
Ember Conley and Ari Ioannides
Jacquelyn and Greg Zehner 
J. Willard & Alice S. Marriott Foundation
JCS Family Foundation
June and Amit Munshi
Lana and Bob Martino
Leeann Havner
Leslie and Jeff Fischer
Michele Hackley
Moira Wright
Sarah and David Cuthill
Spitzer Family Foundation
Susan and Chris Lockwood
Teresa Ann Eperson
Toni Bloomberg
The George Family Foundation
The Holden Family Foundation
The Petersen Family Fund
The Rattie Family Foundation
TJ Maxx Foundation

Advocate $2,500-$9,999

88 and Sunny Foundation
Alan Berro
Angela and Brian Orkin
Athelia and Kenneth Woolley
Avy and Marcie Stein
Bamberger-Allen Health and Educational Foundation
Barbara and Jim Smith
Betsy Wallace and Ed Godycki
Big Willow Giving Fund
Bradford and Lisa Freer
Bruce and Linda Thrush
Catherine Helm
Catherine Upham
Chance Pennington, Enterprise
Cheri and Brent Andrus
Cindy Matsumoto
Cross Action
D & R Charitable Fund
Deer Valley Resort Fund
Derek Losee
Donna and Gary Urban
Donna and Kevin Gruneich
Elana Spitzberg and Avi Markowitz
Emma Shaver
Enterprise Holdings
Evolution Design Build
Mary Gootjes and John Davis
Deer Valley Resort
Donna and Gary Urban
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Fight Against Domestic Violence
First Community Bank
Helen Mollings
James Brown III
James Hulse
Jeri B. Williams Living Trust
Jodi and Wayne Cooperman
Judi and David Victor
Julie and Steve Joyce
Karen and Richard Urankar
Katherine and Marc Bathgate
Kathie and Scott Amann
Katie and James Easton
Katie Thornton
Kathleen Karmel Hudgens
Ken Cross
Lansky Family Foundation
Lenna and Brooks Quinn
Leslie and Jeff Fischer
Lorraine Stuecken
Marcella Golf
Margaret and Eric Roach
Mark J Fischer
Maura and Charles Robbins
Maureen Pelton
Mary and Bob Dillon
Matthew Mitton
McGuire Family Foundation
Michelle Finnegan
Moira Wright
Old Town Cellars
Park City Rotary
Park City Title
Patricia Kravtin and Jonathan Horwitz
Patricia Sprague
POWDR Community Investment Committee
Quinn Family Charitable
Rochelle Ondell
Rocky Mt Power
SAD Foundation
Sandra More
Sea to Ski Property
Seth and Jennifer Lansky Family Foundation
Sheila Forsum
SSIR Cares
Stacy Scott
Swedish Match North America LLC
Tesa Oechsle
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
The Hanson Family
The Iron Horse District
Tomoko Schlag
Urankar Family Charitable Fund
US Bank
Utah Community Foundation
Utah Domestic Violence Coalition
Wasatch Behavioral Health
Wendy and Neil Sandler
William B Foundation
Wintzer Wolfe Properties
Zutty/Trachtenberg Family

Educate $1,000-$2,499

Alex Butwinski
Allison Kitching
Anita Lewis
Ann and Frans Bicker Caarten
Ann Malooly
Ann and Max Sturgis
Anne Collett
Ashley Worthen
Barbara and Jim Smith
Barros Family Foundation
Blake Fisher
Bob Pantermuehl
Bobbi Jo Wilkerson
Brent Bullock
Bryce Sorenson
Candy Erickson Foundation for the Betterment of Park City
Carol Kotler
Casey Lebwohl
Catherine Cimos
Chaye Zuckerman Shapot
Christina Kim
Chuck and Carla Coonradt
Cole Jennings
Community Care Charitable Fund
Cori Trudeau
Corinne and Ed Cody
Craig Cooper and Suzanne Harris Cooper
Cromarty Foundation
Cullerton Family Fund
Dana Lanigan
Daniel Dietrick
David Bateman
David Beltz
David Ward
Diane Ercanback and David Cushing
DBR-Buctcher’s, Boneyard and No Name Saloon
Deb and Oz Crosby
Debra Yoshimura and Alan McIver
Don and Judy Horwitz
Eileen and Pete Kintner
Ericah and Randy Winzeler
Erik Schlopy
Evolution Design Build Group
Fight Against Domestic Violece
Francoise Eriksen
Gallery MAR-Maren and Matthew Mullin
Graham Anthony
Hallie and Ted McFetridge
Harriett and Jimmy Berg
Herbert Lichtenstein
Jaffa Group Design Build
James Gilligan
Jana Cole
JFL Fund of the Marin Community Foundation
Jill Littlejohn
John Kachichian
JoBeth Maxwell
Jomarie and David Bateman
Joy Rocklin
Joy and Bruce Soll
Judy and Richard Valliere
Karen Christian
Karen Coffman
Kate Urban
Kathleen and Andy Blank
Katie Tozer
Keith Cox
Kelly Charitable Fund
Kenneth & Joanne Mayne Foundation
Kevin Crockett
Kim Persky
Kim and Richard Rosenbaum
Kristin Barber
Kyle Witt
Liseanne Alperin
Lea Battiste and Warren Saddler
Lisa and Thomas Case
Liza Springmeyer and Brad Leigh
Marcie and Ken Davis
Mark and Carol Wolfert
Mary Ann and Rick Smail
Maura and Charles Robbins
McIver Yoshimura Family Fund
Melanie and Keith Cox
Michael Allan
Michael Montgomery
Michelle and Karl Paulsen
Miller Law
Nancy and Richard Potashner
Nicole Johnson
Norman Schwartz
Ozlem Kence
Pam and Allen Woll
Park City Homecare
Park City Professional Ski Patrol Association
Park City Sunrise Rotary Club
Pat Lucas
Patricia Callahan
Patty and Richard Senker
POWDR Community Investment Committee
Renee Nicholas
Rich and Nancy Potashner
Rick Bishop
Robin Olson
Rohrbach Family Foundation
SAD Foundation
Sally and David Nadler
Salt Lake Roasting, Victoria Lee
Scott Roberts
Shari and Michael Weiner
Siobhan Smith
Steel Encounters
Sue Ann Kern
Susan Loffler
Susan Pearlstine
Susan Glasmann and Richard Dudley
Sylvia Goff
The Candy Erickson Endowment for the Betterment of Park City
The Grenney Donor Fund
Thomas Spencer
Tiffany and Dave Hotchkiss
Timothy Foley
Tracy Thompson

W A M Hamill Foundation
Walmart Foundation
David Ward
Wendy and Thomas Spencer
Wendy Steinle
Wright Family Fund
Zions Bank

Endowment Campaign Donors