Peace House Community Campus

Available Naming Opportunities

Thanks to you, Peace House has successfully exceeded the goals of the Thrive Campaign!! With construction well underway for the new Peace House Community Campus, we are beyond grateful to the amazing community support that has come to fund this life saving and life changing community resource. Thank you for understanding the importance of this project and for investing your time, talents, and treasure to make it a reality!

Available Naming Opportunities

A Holistic Approach

Peace House began as an emergency shelter run by volunteers, but over the years we’ve grown and evolved. We now understand that a more holistic approach to ending domestic violence is key to preventing abuse and treating those affected by it. We know that education is essential to both prevention and identification, and that a continuum of care matters.

Prevention and Education

Our best hope for ending violence in the future is by providing our children with the tools to create and recognize healthy relationships. As well, we need to be sure that our community knows the signs and symptoms of abuse. Our prevention and education programs provide this foundation.

Outreach Services

Intervention before a relationship goes to crisis can and does prevent crisis situations. By engaging with outreach services both victims and their partners can prevent violence and the dissolution of relationships. This, in turn, changes lives for years if not generations to come.

Emergency Shelter

Providing a soft, comfortable landing spot for those in the most dangerous and violent situations is paramount to citizens in crisis. Knowing you can escape is the first step to recovery. The second is staying in a safe, secure space while you recover, heal, and process the next steps.

The Clear Need for Transitional Housing

It is critical to provide victims of domestic violence with the time and resources to rebuild their lives within the community. Escaping violence is more than just the escape, it’s also recovery and rebuilding. Transitional housing provides victims of violence and abuse the time and shelter they need to get better.

56% of the clients we serve in the shelter are children.


The Peace House Community Campus

Peace House continues to empower, educate, support, and shelter victims of domestic violence. However, the limitations of the current shelter, including a lack of transitional housing, has hampered its influence and prevents the continuum of care necessary in breaking the cycle of abuse.

A Place Where Peace Can Thrive

The Peace House Thrive Campaign aims to build a campus for caring where peace can thrive. By expanding our facilities, we offer more space for victims and their children to comfortably recover while also providing them the necessary security and safety to do so with confidence. The new Peace House will offer:

  • 12 Transitional Housing Units—families will have the space and time to rebuild their lives after the trauma of domestic violence
  • New Secure Public Location—victims of abuse no longer need to hide at an undisclosed location, and can be surrounded by a community of support
  • Greater Depth of Services—providing not just a place where victims receive help, but an incubator for healthy relationships, thus teaching communities to seek services before crisis occurs

You Can Make a Difference

Your financial support will help sustain Peace House through this important transition. This campaign and the project is making possible is about so much more than a new building. It’s about the life-saving life-changing support it will provide for our community members when they need us most.  For questions call Sally Tauber, Director of Development 435-901-1105

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