Community Campus

Our new campus is about so much more than simply building a new facility. It’s about breaking the cycle of domestic abuse through expanded services. It’s about creating a safe comfortable place where families can recover from the trauma of abuse. It’s about building a place where domestic peace can thrive.

Transitional Housing

Our transitional housing units will provide victims and their families a safe, comfortable, and secure place to rest. These units are necessary to the recovery from the trauma of domestic violence and abuse.

  • 12 self-sufficient suites will provide ample living space to house families for during their recovery
  • Multiple community gathering spaces offer room for support classes, safe interactions, and fun activities to lift the spirits of afflicted families
  • Larger and secure emergency housing creates more comfort and a sense of safety for domestic violence victims
  • 8 emergency shelter units will offer private rooms for families in the throes of crisis
  • Secure parking structure offers extra safety for Peace House residents

Expanded Support Services

  • Childcare center to let kids just be kids—allowing parents to work and heal while their children play in safety and security
  • Support services provide counseling and case management for residents and non-residents experiencing the effects of abuse
  • Outdoor courtyard offers a private and secure place to reflect and take in the outdoors
  • The Peace Room creates a safe place to clear your mind, reflect, and find hope and confidence for the future


  • 4 acres located near the Intermountain Park City Medical Center and People’s Health Clinic for quick access to additional care
  • Close proximity to public transit allows residents to get around Park City with ease
  • All land generously gifted to Peace House
peace house location map

Campus Naming Opportunities