Peace House Presents at the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference

Veronica A. Fajardo, CSC is a Bilingual Therapist at Peace House and works with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  She provides individual therapy and leads support groups for parents and families on nonviolent parenting.  She also leads groups for incarcerated men and women who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse.  Veronica recently presented at the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference on integrating migrants into inclusive, sustainable and peaceful communities.

About the Workshop

Agenda 2030 names migrants as vulnerable people who must be empowered, and “recognize[s] the positive contributions of migrants for inclusive growth and sustainable development.”   This workshop highlighted the best practices of three organizations as they integrate migrants into inclusive, sustainable and peaceful communities.

Holy Cross Ministries is a non-profit organization in Utah that responds to the underserved community’s need for health and well-being. Peace House is dedicated to ending family violence and abuse through education, outreach, support services, and safe housing. The Secretariat of Cultural Diversity/Pastoral Care of Migrants, Refugees and Travelers is a resource to dioceses and those who support the ministry to migrant farmworkers. This workshop will highlight services, outreach and collaborative efforts of these agencies as they work with immigrants on their journey to safety and healing, and to more full participation in the community.

Presenters’ use of storytelling will highlight immigrants’ successful integration and contributions to the community. Group discussion will engage attendees in identifying key components of welcoming and inclusive communities. Workshop will close with attendees participating in a call to action activity to identify several action steps for their respective communities and organizations that can both empower as well as make immigrants in their community feel more welcome and included.

Moderator:    Florence Deacon OSF is a member of VIVAT International and Congregation Justice Coordinator for the Sisters of the Holy Cross.   She has researched and prepared educational materials on the migration experience, social analysis of root causes and theological reflections. She teams with other justice promoters to introduce their constituency to the SDGs. 

Panelists:     Myrna Tordillo, MSCS, is a Scalabrinian missionary and serves as assistant director for the Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Emmie Gardner is CEO for Holy Cross Ministries, a non-profit social service organization in Salt Lake City Utah. Emmie came to this position after a 30+ year career in health/mental health care. She is a mission driven leader who is passionate about meeting the needs of immigrants and other vulnerable people.

Veronica A. Fajardo, CSC

In the picture below Veronica, Emmie Gardner CEO of Holy Cross Ministries, Florence Deacon, OSF member of Vivat International and Congreation Justice Coordinator for the Sisters of the Holy Cross