Perfect Pictures



We all have perfect pictures of the holiday season: snow, mistletoe, presents under the tree with family and friends gathered Christmas Eve basking in love and affection for each other.   The reality of  the season seldom matches our perfect pictures even in the happiest of homes.  That beautiful snow, means inclement weather. Those presents mean crowded stores and stretched budgets.  In our perfect pictures we seldom allow for the car with the broken brakes, strep throat, or the relapse of the relative in recovery.  So many stresses come with the holiday season. For those whose family dynamic includes violence, the holiday stresses frequently trigger a fight. In the weeks following Christmas and New Years, the 15 domestic violence shelters that serve Utah are filled with families in crisis. Crisis line calls spike. One in three women will be in a relationship characterized by power and control at some point in her life. One in three women will be hurt or harmed by that partner.  One in four children will be abused. For these  families, the holidays are not the happiest time of the year, it is the most dangerous. The need for family support peaks during the holiday season.

The gifts we receive here at Peace House are transforming families.

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