Domestic Violence Support Group & More

Community Presentations

At Peace House we believe that community outreach is vital to our mission of preventing abuse and violence and offering counseling, case management, and other assistance to victims of abuse.

In an effort to keep the community informed Peace House leads community presentations on intimate partner violence with information on Peace House services, additional community resources, and the systems in place to assist victims. Most importantly, we aim to help victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault improve safety and stability by assisting them with a culturally informed safety plan.

Community Presence

Peace House routinely participates in community events with culturally diverse content, building trust, awareness, and partnerships with community members in Summit and Wasatch counties. Ensuring that our community is aware of our services is paramount to making sure that victims know they have the support and assistance they need to recover from abuse and violence in the home.

Support Groups

Peace House provides safe and confidential support groups designed to provide culturally-informed emotional, educational, and practical assistance for victims of abuse and sexual violence. Support group participants discuss shared experiences and provide help to other survivors. Support groups have shown a significant increase in participants' feelings of support, overall well-being, and stress levels.

Bilingual Case Management

Peace House case managers are culturally competent professionals and provide client-driven trauma-informed care. Peace House case managers work with victims of abuse and sexual assault to strengthen, encourage, and support them as they recover from crisis. Our services include: safety techniques, physical and mental health, economic self-sufficiency, job security, immigration, referrals to individual and/or group therapy, etc.

With the coronavirus, Peace House is adapting and modifying our services to keep staff safe and to continue to support individuals and families in crisis to escape violence and heal from the associated trauma. This includes using technology to provide some services. The best way to access any of Peace House's services is by calling our 24/7 support line at 800-647-9161 Read More
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