November Newsletter

Thank YOU for your generous contributions during Live PC Give PC. Your support goes toward building a life free of violence and abuse for our community members and more. We are grateful to continue to bring programs and services to survivors and meet them wherever they are in their healing journey.

Whether you volunteered or donated (or both!) you have made an immense difference. Many of us know survivors, and many of us are survivors.

We are so appreciative of the 543 donors who participated in just 24 hours - this is an incredible feat! We also placed first on the People and Advocacy leaderboard.


Thank you for providing matching grants

Brad Olch
Jean Rapoport
Patricia Kravtin and Jonathan Horwitz
Bob and Lana Martino
Barbara and Jim Gaddis
Julie and Steve Joyce
Ember Conley and Ari Ioannides
Susan and Chris Lockwood